“Gian Pagnucci: Open Office Hours, Part 2” Now on Facebook

Posted on 10/8/2009 2:17:56 PM
Gian Pagnucci: Open Office Hours, Part 2

University Professor Gian Pagnucci’s video response to a first round of questions and comments from Facebook users was posted on the IUP Facebook page Wednesday, October 7.

See Gian Pagnucci: Open Office Hours, Part 2.

Pagnucci, a professor of English, is holding “Open Office Hours” on Facebook this week. This interactive event started with a video posted on Monday, October 5, in which Pagnucci introduced himself and his research interests—such as digital literacy and graphic novels—and welcomed  almost thirty questions from viewers (See Gian Pagnucci: Open Office Hours, Part 1).

In the video posted Wednesday, Pagnucci responded to those comments, which focused on the following topics:

  • Using Facebook as a teaching tool and the privacy implications of bringing students into public forums such as Facebook
  • Using comic books and graphic novels in the curriculum
  • The transition from print literacy to digital literacy
  • Educating students to be effective writers in other realms

He will respond to additional comments and questions in a third video, to be posted Monday, October 12.

For those planning to check out Pagnucci’s Open Office Hours, you will be able to watch the video and see the most recent comments without a Facebook account. However, you will need an account to see all comments and post questions and comments of your own.