Conducting Unannounced Fire Drills

Posted on 10/2/2009 2:49:45 PM

The Environmental Health and Safety Office, along with the Office of Public Safety, will be conducting unannounced fire drills throughout campus during the next several weeks. IUP is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to perform one drill per building per semester during normal times of occupancy. These drills are performed to familiarize everyone with evacuation procedures should the need arise to clear the building.

Here are some guidelines to follow when the building alarm sounds:

  • Upon hearing or seeing the alarm, all occupants shall immediately evacuate the building through the nearest and safest exist(s). If the path is blocked, use an alternate route.
  • Please refrain from calling the University Police to ask if this is a drill.
  • Occupants must not use the elevators during an evacuation. Physically impaired occupants may need assistance in evacuating the building.
  • Upon leaving the building, move far enough away from the building to allow easy access by emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • Please remain outside the building until instructed to return by University Police or the Environmental Health and Safety employee.

The fire drill represents an emergency situation. This practice may save lives in the event of an emergency. Please inform the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 724-357-5705 or if an event is scheduled when a drill would be extremely disruptive.

Thank you very much for your cooperation with this very important Life Safety Drill.

Submitted by Frank Carrozza, Environmental Health and Safety Office