Geoscience's Lewis in International Planning Workshop on Ocean Drilling

Posted on 9/24/2009 9:04:25 AM

Professor Jon Lewis, Department of Geoscience, is participating in a multinational planning workshop on the future of ocean drilling.

The workshop in Bremen, Germany, called INVEST, is a multidisciplinary, international community meeting whose focus is to define the scientific research goals of a new ocean drilling program that is expected to replace the current Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) in late 2013.

The IODP is an international research organization that conducts seagoing expeditions to study the history of the Earth recorded in sediments and rocks beneath the ocean floor. Two drilling ships and a multipurpose drilling platform are currently used by scientists from more than two dozen countries. The U.S. operates the scientific drillship JOIDES Resolution on behalf of the National Science Foundation.

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