What Does My Health Fee Cover?

Posted on 9/30/2008 8:00:00 AM

Students and parents sometimes wonder what the campus health and wellness fee covers when they receive charges for a health visit on their IUP account.

The simple answer is that while the health fee provides solely for the existance and operation of the Health Service, it also provides for the services of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs program, the Health AWAREness program, and all the services of the Counseling Center. Students have no additional charges at any of these offices when requesting their services. Fee A also covers local ambulance service from any location in the county with no out-of-pocket money due from the student or their family regardless of insurance. We also have free van transportation to medical appointments in the area during our office hours.

The health fee provides free flu shots to all students and free TB testing clinics throughout each semester. Free over-the-counter cough and cold medicine is available in the Health Service as well as band aids and first aid ointment, if needed.

The other major expense covered by the health and wellness fee is the provider visit charge itself. A student can visit as many times as needed during a semester without provider charges for each visit. While no student will ever need money at the time of their visit, there are however, additional charges applied for specific services and medicines at the Health Center, if a student requests certain services (click here to see more about IUP charges). (We can write a prescription and give a ride to the pharmacy if a student has a prescription card with a zero co-pay, and we can give rides to the hospital, emergency room, or doctor's office if a student has a zero co-pay with their off-campus health insurance needs. Let your student know this before they come to see us.)

Our nurse practitioners can perform examinations, order medicines, lab tests, and xrays, however most of these services require health insurance or a co-pay. We strongly recommend every student carry off-campus health insurance for care and services at off-campus locations.

We hope students stay healthy while at IUP, but if they need medical services, the Health Service is certainly available and willing to assist them.