Journalism Department Computer Lab Undergoing Major Transformation

Posted on 8/31/2009 10:54:56 AM

The Department of Journalism computer lab is undergoing a major transformation and expansion from a photojournalism to a visual journalism lab in 2009.

Visual journalism reflects the department’s pedagogical direction in integrating words, pictures, images, sounds, and web-based publishing to create new and contemporary forms of information sharing. It is a significant departure from the old print journalism.

To meet the resource needs for visual journalism, the latest design software, Adobe InDesign CS4, will complement the existing PhotoShopCS4.

Newly-purchased equipment includes Dell mini-tower PCs and the Konica-Minolta Bizhub 353 printer with copier capability.

The department has also purchased a server that will store visual journalism projects, especially images.

Another innovation in the lab is the touch-screen smart board that will allow the instructor to manipulate images and texts, as well as write notes on the screen—completely eliminating the old-fashioned chalk.

The visual journalism project spills into the department’s hallway, where a 52-inch Sharp TV screen with digital signage has been installed. This enables students who normally mill around the hallway waiting for their classes to start to use this time productively watching information from the department as well as world news.

Members of the Journalism Department technology committee are Dr. Stan Mukasa (chairman), Dr. Pat Heilman, and Dr. Michele Papakie.