Come to Convocation, RHA President Says

Posted on 8/14/2009 9:53:55 AM

The following is a letter from Adam Friedman, who serves as president of the IUP Residence Hall Association.


Dear IUP Faculty and Staff:

I write to invite you to attend this year’s Freshman Convocation.  Going into my fourth year study at IUP, I have been to a few convocations during my tenure here. I feel that it is an important part of the freshman experience. Convocation provides freshman students with a sense of solidarity from the beginning of their college career. It is important to instill that sense of belonging from the beginning of their time here so that they will continue their education.

My first Freshman Convocation in the Fall of 2006 was very memorable for a couple of reasons. I remember being awe struck at the sheer number of people gathered for this event. There were students everywhere, and they were all there for a singular purpose–to learn. The crowd was not just students. Throughout the room there were faculty and staff members sitting side by side with the students. I remember feeling a bit of pride looking around the room at the professors, some of them laughing and talking and getting to know their students.

Connections are an important part of college, not just with our fellow students but with those teaching us, our professors. Convocation is that opportunity for you to get to know the faces and the names of those you are helping.  I encourage you to attend this year’s convocation.


Adam Friedman
Residence Hall Association President

P.S. The Freshman Convocation takes place at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 30, in Fisher Auditorium. This year's guest speaker is Samuel Heastie, a member of the Educational Leadership faculty at Fayetteville State University. Remarks also will be provided by Gian Pagnucci, this year's University Professor; Alyssa Stiles, president of Student Government Association, and President Tony Atwater. All who attend are invited to a cook out in the Oak Grove immediately following the convocation. Freshman Convocation is part of Welcome Weekend activities.