Lowery Joins National Center for Higher Education Risk Management

Posted on 8/4/2009 3:28:29 PM

Dr. John Wesley Lowery, associate professor in the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, recently joined the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM is a not-for-profit corporation) as an affiliated consultant.

Founded in 2000, NCHERM is a law and consulting firm dedicated to best practices for campus health and safety. NCHERM emphasizes best practices for policy, training, and educational programming as proactive risk management. NCHERM specializes in advancing culture change strategies and problem solving for the challenging wellness, compliance, and liability issues colleges and universities face today.

The NCHERM risk management model is a more elemental, holistic, and cultural framework. NCHERM’s consultants believe that the most proactive form of risk management results from efforts to reshape campus culture for greater health and safety. By making campuses safer places, institutions may avoid lawsuits, mitigate losses, protect reputations, and enhance the learning process.

Since its founding, NCHERM has consulted with more than 1,300 colleges, universities, schools, and military clients in all fifty states. NCHERM attorneys serve as legal counsel to twenty campuses, including large public universities, private liberal arts colleges, and community colleges.