Preserving Pedestrian Safety and Comfort in the Oak Grove

Posted on 6/11/2009 1:56:58 PM

While certain motor vehicles must access the Oak Grove on an occasional basis to address maintenance needs or prepare for special functions, it is important to remember that the Oak Grove is a pedestrian area.

Only authorized vehicles are permitted to be in the Oak Grove. The number and use of vehicles in the Oak Grove is closely monitored.

In order to maintain the safety of pedestrians in the Oak Grove, concrete flower pots have been strategically placed to serve as barriers to motorized vehicles. Vehicle operators, including authorized vehicles, are not permitted to drive around these barriers.

The IUP Oak Grove is a very special place for IUP—a place to picnic in the summers, meet friends, read, study, stroll, or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. Special emphasis and resources continue to be dedicated to keeping the Oak Grove a safe and pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.

Please enjoy the Oak Grove, and have a great summer!