Magazine Website Features New Look, More Content

Posted on 6/1/2009 2:24:18 PM
Alumni Extra screen shot from IUP Magazine website

If you haven’t seen the IUP Magazine website recently, you may be in for a surprise.

The revamped website—introduced in conjunction with the release of the Spring 2009 issue of the magazine—features a new look, some changes in navigation, and additional content available on the website only.

For years, the magazine’s website has included additional alumni news (now called Alumni Extra) as well as stories and photos that were not in the print version because of space limitations.

In its redesigned Web Exclusives section, the new website is taking advantage of the multimedia opportunities the Web offers for telling the story and revisiting material from more than twenty-five years of IUP Magazine.

A new Web Exclusive will be featured each month. More recent exclusives are as follows:

Archive section screen shot from IUP Magazine website

Other new website features include a search function and the ability to share magazine content through social media outlets and subscribe via Web feed.

The magazine website is a work in progress. Plans include offering more opportunities for reader participation and completing the archives dating back to the magazine’s first issue in 1983.