Annual Department of Chemistry Award Ceremony and Reception

Posted on 5/27/2009 1:38:11 PM

The Department of Chemistry held its forty-first annual Awards Ceremony and Reception on Friday, April 24, 2009, in Weyandt Hall. Every year, the department holds this special ceremony to award and recognize chemistry and biochemistry majors for their academic achievements.

The department’s Awards Committee organizes the event and encourages students to invite their families to the presentation and the reception that follows.

The graduate student awards given this year were:

  • Mr. Yuan Hu, for Academic Excellence
  • Mr. Marc Ferrington, for Research
  • Mr. Daniel Adu-Ampratwum, for Teaching Assistant

Special undergraduate awards, including named memorial scholarships and regional and national chemistry awards, included:

  • Ms. Olivia McGovern, for Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • Ms. Laura Fox, for Division of Analytical Chemistry American Chemical Society 2009 Undergraduate Award
  • Ms. Jennifer Beveridge, for Edward N. Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • Ms. Alex Daughenbaugh, for William I. Heard Memorial Scholarship
  • Ms. Kimberly Boonie and Mr. Mathew Grata, for Ron Marks Scholarship
  • Ms. Jessica Nichol and Ms. Caitlin Williamson, for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Caitlin Bumar, for CRC Handbook 
  • Ms. Olivia McGovern, for ACS Student Affiliate Member of the Year

In addition to these special awards, the following students were recognized for their academic successes during the 2008–09 year:


  • Ms. Brittany Buterbaugh
  • Mr. Andrew Crawford
  • Ms. Amy Devlin
  • Mr. Andrew Friday
  • Mr. Brandon Jones
  • Ms. Beth Leverett
  • Ms. Elizabeth Paladin
  • Ms. Galit Regev
  • Mr. Peter Stonehouse
  • Ms. Aubree Webb
  • Mr. Joseph Wiley


  • Ms. Maura Barrett
  • Ms. Ee Leng Terng
  • Mr. Justin Williams
  • Ms. Li Yin Wong


  • Ms. Deanna Belsky
  • Ms. Jennifer Casanova
  • Mr. Stephen Christensen
  • Ms. Victoria Constant
  • Mr. Jonathan Henninger
  • Mr. Phuong Lam
  • Ms. Samantha Leone
  • Ms. Lisa McCombie
  • Mr. Dragomir Milovanovic
  • Mr. Robert Putala
  • Mr. Stephen Shiring
  • Ms. Andrea Strein
  • Ms. Ashley Szymanski
  • Mr. Rongjin Weng
  • Mr. James Zewe


  • Mr. Brendan Adams
  • Mr. John Apa
  • Mr. David Crum
  • Mr. James Falicki
  • Mr. Brian Ford
  • Ms. Dangelica Garzarelli
  • Ms. Martina Hauck
  • Ms. Shenin Headland
  • Mr. Bryan Kirsch
  • Mr. Erich Lichtner
  • Ms. Lindsay Matolyak
  • Mr. Steven May
  • Mr. Shane McDevitt
  • Ms. Sarah McMahon
  • Mr. Michael Monteleone
  • Ms. Katrina Owens
  • Mr. Mitchell Stadler
  • Mr. Brent Taddie
  • Mr. Charles Voyton