April—National Donate Life Month

Posted on 5/13/2009 12:00:48 PM

PR Problem Solving Class

“It’s On!”

Are you an organ donor? If not, have you ever considered it? If you sign up this month via the internet—it only takes ninety seconds of your time—you could help IUP win a statewide campus challenge! In Pennsylvania, it is simple. Log on to DonateLife-PA.org and click on the “It’s On!” link. The site is safe, secure, and simple to use. The life-giving transplants that are so precious to those waiting only happen when donors and families are benevolent enough to grant the gift of life.

April is National Donate Life Month as proclaimed by Congress each year. This year, IUP is participating in the first-ever “It’s On!” Campus Challenge. It’s a statewide competition to see what school can win by registering the most number of people to become organ donors. There are more than 101,000 people waiting for transplant opportunities. This can only happen through the kindness of organ and tissue donors.  (Picture by Lee Vest)

Some very enthusiastic students from my PR Problem-Solving class this semester were in the Oak Grove on Friday, April 17, 2009, spreading the word and signing up people on line. They took pictures of passers-by in a large, fun driver’s license they made, giving away treats, and held raffles for gift cards from Subway, Starbucks, and the IUP Co-Op Store! Picture (right) by Tim Yockey.

If you have any personal concerns or fears about becoming an organ donor, please visit the myths part of the DonateLife-PA website and be sure you are making a well-informed decision.

So please reflect, engage, and celebrate National Donate Life Month with your families, patients, and colleagues. And let’s help our school win the statewide competition.

Thank you!

Michele Papakie
Associate Professor of Journalism
IUP Department of Journalism 

“Michele, What a great thing for students to do! Thanks for doing this! As a personal testament, there is one person who can see today because of my family donating my father’s eyes. There were also about 4 burn victims who received his skin tissues.

“When we received letters from these people, it was one of the most touching moments in my own life and we knew that, although my father died at a young age, there were people living a better life because of him . . . Thanks again for doing this."

Janet Walker
Professor of Mathematics