IUP Ph.D. Student Publishes Second Article

Posted on 4/15/2009 11:54:31 AM

After having one article published on the effects that distance education can have on third world countries, IUP graduate student George Konetes has published another article focusing on the political forces that effect distance education programs.

This article, accepted in the Midwest Journal for Educational Communications and Technology, focuses more on the United States than countries overseas, and specifically on the problems that distance education programs have because of their institutional and national boundaries. Konetes explained in detail his feelings after having his articles published:

”I had never thought that I would have two articles published at this point as a first-year Ph.D. student and teaching associate. In fact, I didn’t think I would have two articles published by the time I graduated. In short, it feels very good, but I need to thank and give credit to the entire Communications Media Department for giving me the opportunity and support to be able to do this.”

Even after having two articles published, Konetes is not finished making submissions. He is currently working on two more articles; one about the efficiency between distance education and face to face education, and the other about how the economic instability is effecting distance education.

(Content by Zachary Salopek)