Biology Students Win Awards at Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 4/10/2009 4:14:53 PM

Four Biology students received six awards at the 2009 Undergraduate Scholars Forum held on April 7 at IUP.  Forum participation is designed to foster scholarship and collegiality among undergraduate students and faculty members and to provide a forum for undergraduate students to discuss their academic work with a community of scholars.

Award winners were:

  • Thomas Melvin, “Gauging the Nature of Science for Non-Science Majors” (Faculty Advisor, Dr. Tom Lord) [Outstanding Paper Presentation Award]
  • Patricia Tolu-Ajayi, "Effects of temperature on the ability of Tamoxifen (Novaldex), a drug used in the treatment of breast cancer, to induce breast cancer cells to behave more like normal cells.” (Faculty Advisor, Dr. Barkley Butler) [Best Poster Award and Best Bibliography Award from IUP Libraries]
  • Joseph Rocco, "Induction and Modulation of Host Murine Toll-Like Receptor-2 (TLR2) and Cytokine Responses on Infection with Different Mycobacterium avium serovars and their ssGPL Mutants" (Faculty Advisor, Dr. Vida Irani) [Sigma Xi Best Science Posters Award (second place) and Best Posters Award]
  • Danielle Botelho, "Metabolic Responses of Acid Mine Drainage and Non-Acid Mine Drainage Campostoma anomalum" (Faculty Advisor, Dr. David Pistole) [Best Bibliography Award from IUP Libraries]

Joseph Rocco, Undergraduate Scholars Forum 2009 Patricia Tolu-Ajayai

Joseph Rocco and Patricia Tolu-Ajayi