IUP Well-Represented Among Presenters at 2009 NASP Convention

Posted on 3/26/2009 3:15:49 PM

Five faculty members, five current graduate students, and seven alumni from the Educational and School Psychology department combined to present twenty-two papers, posters, mini-skills sessions, symposia, and workshops at the 2009 convention of the National Association of School Psychologists held in Boston, Mass., in February.

Below is a list of IUP presenters and their presentation topics:


Victoria Damiani
Joseph Kovaleski
Edward Levinson
Mark McGowan
Timothy Runge

Graduate Students

Ryan Conn
Kelly Fritz
Erin Haugh
Jackie Purcell
Caitlin Flinn


Leigh Armistead
Laura Crothers
Steven Feifer
Denise Foley
Susan Gfroerer
Lisa Kilanowski-Press
Brandon Schultz

“High Ability but Underachieving: A Plan for Intervention”
Victoria Damiani

“Utilizing Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBM) for Gifted Support Services”
Caitlin Flinn and Victoria Damiani

“Determining Special Education Eligibility in a Response-to-Intervention System”
Joseph Kovaleski

“Decision-Making Processes in RTI Models: Practitioner and Research Perspectives”
Edward Shapiro, Joseph Kovaleski, Robert Rosenthal, and Amanda VanDerHeyden

“School Psychology Graduate Training in Vocational/Career Assessment and Transition”
Edward Levinson, Kelly Fritz, and Ryan Conn

“Role of Violence Risk Assessment in Comprehensive School Safety Plans”
Mark McGowan

“Statewide Efforts to Initiate School-Wide Positive Behavior Support”
Timothy Runge, Ronald Sudano, and Gregory Llewellyn

“Classroom Management Skills Used by Preschool and Elementary School Teachers”
Jackie Purcell, Erin Haugh, and Lynanne Black

“NASP Member State of Practice for Work with Sexual Minority Youth”
Lisa Kilanowski-Press and Lynanne Black

“An Update on the NASP Standards Revision—February 2009”
Barbara Bole Williams, Patti Harrison, Rhonda Armistead, Leigh Armistead, and Diane Smallwood

“Ethics for School Psychologists: A Problem-Solving Approach”
Leigh Armistead, Barbara Bole Williams, and Susan Jacob

“Symposium on School Psychology Supervision: Research From Experts to Interns”
Nancy Evangelista, Michael Curtis, Leigh Armistead, Alana Lopez, Paula Gill Lopez, Virginia Harvey, David Makin-Boyd, and Barbara Fischetti

“Larry and Martina: Simulated Psychoeducational Evaluations for Introductory Assessment Courses”
Leigh Armistead

“Relational and Social Aggression in Mediating Gender Role and Depression”
Laura Crothers, Jessica Blasik, and James Schreiber

“Interventions in the Basic Skill Areas of Reading, Math, and Written Language”
Steven Feifer

“Effective Transition Practices: Can Cognitive Tests Make a Difference?”
Denise Foley

“High-Stakes Testing: Deciding to Whom and When to Target Interventions”
Denise Foley and Jill McConaghy

“Improving Services for Students With Traumatic Brain Injuries”
Susan Gfroerer, and Sara Timms

“Staff Beliefs That Can Impact Systems Change”
Margo Gehring, Shelaina Brown Cain, and Susan Gfroerer

“NASP Member State of Practice for Work With Sexual Minority Youth”
Lisa Kilanowski-Press

“Transgendered Youth in and Era of Increased LGBQ Awareness”
Lisa Kilanowski-Press and Katherine Jones

“Evidence-Based Interventions for Secondary Students With ADHD”
Brandon Schultz, Steven Evans, and Kathryn Van Eck