Bieger and Vold Present Paper in China

Posted on 1/28/2009 3:38:05 PM

Dr. George Bieger and Dr. Larry Vold presented a paper at the fifth annual Conference on Higher Education Reform in Shanghai, China. Their paper was entitled “Creating the Opportunity for Internationalization Through Personal Contact: A Model for Bottom-up Reform.”

In their presentation, Bieger and Vold described three programs in the Professional Studies in Education Department that are designed to internationalize the perspectives of preservice teachers. By focusing the effort on preservice teachers, a multiplier effect can be achieved that will impact a much larger population and at a more formative time in their lives. The presentation described how, through involvement in an international consortium of teacher preparation institutions, exchange opportunities for their students can be personalized and a supportive host relationship can be developed to mitigate the impact of culture shock and diminish the sense of aloneness that often accompanies an exchange experience and which may reinforce negative stereotypes.