Bieger Attends European Teacher Education Network Board Meeting in Malta

Posted on 1/26/2009 2:22:52 PM

Dr. George Bieger, professor and interim chairperson of the Department of Professional Studies in Education, represented IUP at the January meeting of the European Teacher Education Network Board of Directors held in Malta.

The European Teacher Education Network includes fifty-five institutions, only five of which are American universities. Dr. Bieger was the only American at this board meeting.  IUP has been a member of the network for twelve years.

“IUP’s active and ongoing membership in the network sets IUP apart, gives students more chances for study abroad programs, and helps IUP increase its foreign student population,” Bieger said. Bieger has served on the board for two years.

The purpose of the January meeting was to discuss possible expansion of the network to other non-European countries (including Asia and South America) and other American institutions.

Bieger also enjoyed the opportunity to experience the history and culture of the Republic of Malta. Although Malta is a bilingual country with English as its primary language, there are many Arabic, Italian, and Greek influences, especially in its cuisine.

“I was fascinated by the city of Mdina, which is a completely enclosed city consisting of 150 families, with streets too narrow to accommodate vehicles and only two gates for access. The homes in this city could be dated back to 700 years old,” Bieger said.

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