“Invisible Threads: Common Ground” Exhibit Opens February 7

Posted on 1/21/2009 12:44:37 PM

February 7–March 21, 2009

heinrich“Invisible Threads • Common Ground,” an art exhibition curated by Vicky A. Clark, opens in the University Museum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on February 7, with a public reception from 4:00–6:30 p.m. The exhibition and reception are free, and the exhibit runs through March 21.

According to the curator, Clark, “Art history is full of confrontations between the artist and the public, but we tend to forget this when viewing contemporary art that forces us to think and look in new ways. ... Artists are affected by their own world and their own times. Good art both reflects the issues of a specific time period and also constructs those issues as artists react to their unique situations.”

The exhibition is about reacting to contemporary issues as an artist. History is embedded in the art of, for example, Francisco Goya and Käthe Kollwitz, and are still so relevant that artists today are still investigating them.

Clark has selected these and other works from the University Museum collection for the strength with which they make statements about issues of their times. She also has selected works by contemporary artists in southwestern Pennsylvania that make strong statements about our own time. Together, the works represent artists’ continuing exploration of the human condition in all its complexity and contradiction.

binaiProminent contemporary artists whose works are included in the exhibition “Invisible Threads • Common Ground” include Paul Binai, Timothy Hadfield, Adrienne Heinrich, Jennifer Howison, Delanie Jenkins, Mary Mazzioti, Herbert Olds, Susanne Slavick, and Barbara Weissberger.

Art Works Represented:

Top: Figure #3055 by Adrienne Heinrich
Lower: La Soif by Paul Binai