Pennsylvania Psychological Association Announces Science-Practice Poster Sessions

Posted on 1/12/2009 7:19:59 AM

The Science-Practice Research Poster Session , in addition to the Student Research Poster Session , will be held on Friday, June 19, 2009, during the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Annual Convention in Harrisburg. We will be featuring psychological research by psychologists, graduate students, and undergraduate students in colleges and universities throughout Pennsylvania.

The Convention Committee will be accepting poster submissions from now until April 1, 2009 . Copies of both applications are available in the convention section of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association website.

Members of the Convention Committee will review all submissions and notify students regarding acceptance by May 10 and will select three submissions by that date for $200 prizes (Undergraduate, Graduate and Existential-Humanistic), which will be awarded at the Annual Convention on Friday, June 19, during the Awards Ceremony.

Submissions for the Science-Practice Research Poster Session will also be judged by May 10 and recognized during the Awards Ceremony.

The Pennsylvania Psychological Association encourages excellence in the teaching of psychology and in psychological research. We are also eager to provide support to psychologists of the future by offering a forum where graduate and undergraduate students, and psychologists actively engaged in psychological research can display their research and become acquainted with the research of their peers.

The mission of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association is to advance psychology in Pennsylvania as a means of promoting human welfare through activities that

  • Educate and support the professional development of our members
  • Educate the public through disseminating and applying psychological knowledge
  • Maintain and build organizational strength
  • Advocate vigorously for public access to psychological services

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