Brown Bag Series Continues!: “Categorization Instructions Affect Performance on the Race Implicit Association Test (IAT)”

Posted on 11/10/2008 12:02:37 PM

by Dr. Sherburne

PSYC 290-W04 students from Fall 2007

The research team attempted to determine the degree to which requiring participants to classify faces by race in the IAT contributes to the racial bias they show on the task. In a control condition, we instructed participants to classify the picture stimuli by race (i.e., African American or European American, the standard IAT). In two other conditions, we asked participants to classify the picture stimuli by gender (i.e., woman or man) or by shapes (i.e., a superimposed square or triangle). We replicated the previously reported bias in the control condition but found no bias in either experimental condition.

Soupe du jour by Dr. Newell and home-made cottage cheese and dill bread by Dr. Roehrich

This will be our last Brown Bag for the semester.

Presented by the Department of Psychology.