Grant Proposals Funded for Hanauer

Posted on 10/23/2008 11:12:12 AM

Funded grant proposals for David Hanauer include “Piloting Program and Literacy Research: Continued Assessment Research for the Phage Hunting Program” for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and “Improving Literacy through School Libraries” for the Federal Department of Education. Hanauer contributed the chapters “Science and the Linguistic Landscape: A Genre Analysis of Representational Wall Space Within a Microbiology Laboratory” in Linguistic Landscape: Expanding the Scenery and “Non-place Identity: Britain’s Response to Migration in the Age of Supermodernity” in Migrant Voices: Discourses of Belonging and Exclusion. He presented “Assessing Student Understanding of Laboratory Representations” at the American Society of Microbiology conference in Boston, and presented “Scientific Graffiti, Warning Signs, and Whiteboards: A Genre Study of Representational Wallspace in a Microbiology Laboratory” at the Conference of the Linguistic Landscape at Tel-Aviv University.