PA Planning Association

Posted on 10/7/2008 9:09:49 AM

Welcome to Pittsburgh...

2008 Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association Annual Conference

On behalf of the 2008 Conference Committee of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association, we welcome you to the City of Pittsburgh. 

Celebrating the 250th anniversary of its founding and continuing to reinvent itself, Pittsburgh exemplifies the logo of our conference: Cities of the past: America’s places of the future. The theme and location for the 2008 conference is especially fitting this year and should serve as a reminder that planners across the Commonwealth work to preserve our heritage while preparing communities to move into the future.

The City of Pittsburgh and her surrounding communities are experiencing yet another transformation that perpetuates a pattern of social and economic renewals. Ours is a region that has been reborn many times, beginning first as a strategic military location during the Revolutionary War, serving as the gateway for westward expansion and a center for commerce during the development of our nation, and eventually becoming known as the Steel Town that built America in the twentieth century. Today, our cultural and economic renaissance is centered on the arts and technology, propelled by worldclass educational institutions that employ more than 117,000 people in thirteen counties.

Pittsburgh leads the nation in automation technology for government and businesses. We invite you to experience the richness of our history, enjoy our vibrant social life, and encourage you to immerse yourself in the conference itself, which offers a myriad of workshops and events to increase your knowledge and awareness of sound land use practices and policies.


Cochairs of the 2008 Conference Committee:

  Joy M, Wilhelm, AICP

  Brandi Rosselli, AICP

  Lew Villotti