Parks' Publication, Presentation, and Project

Posted on 10/2/2008 4:01:31 PM

Gloria Park has a forthcoming publication, an accepted presentation, and an approved collaborative teacher education project: “‘I listened to Korean society. I always heard that women should be this way’: The Negotiation and Construction of Gendered Identities in Claiming a Dominant Language and Race,” to be published in the U.S. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 8(4); “The Power of Autobiography in the Language Learning of Adult Immigrant ESL Students,” a paper proposal accepted to the 2009 Conference of the International Society for Language Studies in Orlando, Fla., June 10-13, 2009; and “A Career in Education: Prospective Teacher Views on Teaching and Educational Experiences” (Log No. 08-203) with Linda Norris in the English Education Program and in collaboration with Gettysburg College and Lincoln University. This study aims to expand the existing knowledge base by learning more about how prospective teachers’ life histories and experiences in teacher education programs shape their views on teaching and plans for a teaching career.

“We compare undergraduate teacher education students at three Pennsylvania campuses to capture a range of student backgrounds and educational contexts,” said Park.

Department of English