Get My Story: IUP Launches Ad Campaign

Posted on 9/7/2008 8:59:13 AM

On September 8, during Monday Night Football, IUP will formally launch its “Get My Story” advertising campaign, featuring our own students.

The commercial will air in the Pittsburgh DMA (designated market area) over Comcast on ESPN. IUP will have a “Get My Story” commercial on Monday Night Football for the next 17 weeks. We in the Communications Office hope you get a chance to see one of the commercial spots this season. Donovan Daniel, an exercise science major, is the focus of this first commercial.

IUP will also run “Get My Story” commercials Tuesday through Friday the week of September 8 on the Today Show (NBC), Good Morning America (ABC) and the CBS Morning Show. The spots will air at approximately 7:20 each morning on each station (a total of 12 spots airing once each morning on each morning show). They should be the first commercial spot aired coming out of the national broadcast. Donovan and Christie Ritchey, a biology major, are each featured in these spots.

Over the next two months, various Comcast channels, billboards, radio commercials and print ads, as well as new media in the Pittsburgh DMA, will feature the “Get My Story” campaign, which direct viewers to get more of the featured students’ story on our website. This week, you will be able to get the rest of Donovan’s and Christie’s stories by going to our homepage and selecting their picture in the viewmaster, where you can read more about them and view a flash video with a story that builds upon their respective commercial. I encourage you to first watch one of the commercial spots this week and then go to the IUP website to learn more about these outstanding students.

We believe this ongoing integrated campaign will be highly effective in generating broad positive awareness of IUP in the Pittsburgh DMA, and we hope you will take pride in IUP and the students who have agreed to share their stories and experiences.


John M. Veilleux
Associate Vice President,
Communications and Community Relations