Punxsutawney Summer Orientation and Testing

Posted on 5/14/2008 8:55:45 AM
Students in front of the Punxsutawney mural

Orientation and placement testing are mandatory. This two-day program will take place on the Indiana campus on Thursday, June 11, and Friday, June 12. Read all about Orientation at the Orientation website.

If you are unable to attend your assigned Orientation date, submit your enrollment form and indicate an alternative date that you wish to attend. Dates are June 1–2, 4–5, 8–9, 15–16, 18–19, 22–23, 25–26, 29–30, and July 1–2. If you are coming to the Punxsutawney Summer Opportunity Program, which begins with move-in on July 5, you may elect to take placement testing on Monday, July 6, if the other dates do not work for you.

You will need to enroll for Orientation by logging onto URSA. In order to do this, you will need your banner ID and PIN number. If you do not receive a pin number by mail, please contact the Punxsutawney campus at 814-938-6711.