Liu Publishes on Nontraditional Path to Learning Chinese Language

Posted on 1/4/2021 10:54:48 AM

Shijuan Liu published “Learning the Chinese language on a non-traditional path: a case study” in the Language Learning Journal.


This case study examines the journey of a successful Chinese language learner who has become a Chinese language instructor. His path of learning Chinese is found to be different than that of most non-heritage Chinese instructors. Key factors contributing to his success include prior experience of learning Spanish as a second language, strong motivation, self-directed learning, various communities that provide abundant opportunities for actual use of the target language, and classroom learning experience. Additionally, the study also reports what the participant shared regarding his perspectives and suggestions for teaching and learning of the Chinese language based on his experience. Findings of the study help enrich and expand the related literature, such as the literature on good language learners and on third language acquisition including the influence of prior language learning experience on the learning of unrelated or distantly related languages. Implications are provided for Chinese learners, instructors, as well as other practitioners and stakeholders.

Language Learning Journal “publishes international research on the learning of foreign language, including teaching, pedagogical practices, multilingualism and multiculturalism.”

Department of Foreign Languages