Machado Coauthors Book Chapter

Posted on 10/28/2020 9:08:25 PM

Abdulsalami Ibrahim, Assistant Professor at Millersville University, and Crystal Machado coauthored a book chapter titled Increasing Teacher Educators’ Access and Use of Instructional and Web-Based Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Findings from a Mixed Method Study. This chapter was published in Developing Countries and Technology Inclusion in the 21st Century Information Society.

While teacher educators in Sub-Saharan Africa have increased access to information and communication technology (ICT), there is a lack of empirical research that describes the detail of educators’ use of technology. This chapter addresses the gap in the literature with an exploratory mixed-method study in a region of Nigeria. Researchers developed a survey to collect quantitative data from 190 teacher educators and added data from 10 interviewees to verify the survey findings. The survey assessed the types of technologies in use and the demographics of teachers who use them. As expected, use is dependent on access, and overall access was high. Demographic differences in use were not great, but women were slightly more accepting than men, and recent graduates more accepting than older ones. Teachers overall were moderately comfortable with technology.