Announcing “the Hatchery,” IUP’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Student Journal

Posted on 10/5/2020 6:05:16 PM

We are pleased to announce the launch of the the Hatchery, an open access undergraduate student journal!

The Hatchery is IUP’s multidisciplinary undergraduate academic research journal, created by IUP Libraries in conjunction with the Jones White Writing Center and the Undergraduate Research Center. 

Any IUP undergraduate student can submit work to this journal. Articles should contribute to the scholarly conversation by exploring new ideas and developing knowledge in new ways through its context and purpose, content development, communication of ideas, choice of evidence, attribution of sources, and syntax and mechanics. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by IUP graduate students. 

The Hatchery seeks to encourage collaboration between students and their professors to produce work to be published in the journal; give students the chance to publish research to add to their own portfolio; teach the logistics, processes, and discipline of the scholarly publication process; and help students join the ongoing scholarly conversation in their field.

Submission deadline for spring publication is December 15. Prior to submitting, all articles must be reviewed by the Jones White Writing Center. Students interested in submitting to the Hatchery should make an in-person or online appointment

Get more information on the Hatchery, or email