Research Instrumentation Grant Awarded to IUP Faculty

Posted on 9/9/2020 2:51:02 PM

An NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant for $56,135 has been awarded to Eric Morshhauser (Biology), Jonathan Warnock (Geoscience), Mercan Haddad Derfshi (Fashion Merchandising), and Andrea Palmiotto (Anthropology).

The grant will be used to purchase a portable structured white light surface scanner to digitize objects into three dimensions. It will support Morschhauser’s research into dinosaur locomotion and biomechanics, Warnock’s teaching and paleontological research, Palmiotto’s work in pottery and zooarchaeology (she will use it to build a digital reference library of archaeological items), and Derfshi will use it to help with prototyping new, more ergonomic equipment for law enforcement officers.