Center for Teaching Excellence Celebrates 30 Years with Anniversary Volume

Posted on 9/1/2020 11:58:02 AM

IUP’s Center for Teaching Excellence began in the fall of 1989. In the ensuing three decades it has consistently supported the development of high-quality teaching. Though many nationally known speakers have visited campus, the central work of the Center for Teaching Excellence has been in offering opportunities for faculty to help each other by sharing their successes and challenges in a supportive environment.

For 30 years, IUP faculty have been drawn together by these opportunities to share good talk about good teaching.

To celebrate the 30th year of this well-regarded Center, IUP faculty from across the university contributed their successful teaching practices, and a few recipes for nutritious snacks, to help their colleagues thrive. We have arranged them according to the rhythms of the semester and are pleased to announce that they are now available in the volume “Ingredients for Thriving at IUP:  A CTE Anniversary Edition.”