Eberly Welcomes New Students for Fall 2020

Posted on 9/1/2020 9:29:47 AM

The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology welcomed its new students during Welcome Week 2020.  

Janet May, Administrative Assistant for the CLASS office, and Taylor Friedman (Eberly Navigator, Accounting major) distributed welcome bags to students attending the College meeting.Geofrey Mills, interim dean in the Eberly College, welcomed the students and assured them they will receive the utmost attention and support in the pursuit of their business degrees. 

Assistant Dean Terry Appolonia followed with a PowerPoint presentation on academic success, policy, and standards.  He reminded students of their responsibilities for achieving successful learning, including following their syllabus, participating in class, removing distractions, keeping a daily planner, communicating with instructors, and maintaining positivity.  

During the meeting, each student in the college was asked to comply with a pledge of academic integrity acknowledging that the Eberly College continues to build trust among students and faculty while fostering an academic environment of shared values.  The Eberly College is dedicated to the encouragement of high academic achievement and adherence to high academic standards.

Dr. Ramesh Soni, Department Chairperson of Marketing, and Dr. Joseph Rosendale, faculty member, practice social distancing while leading a small group discussion following the departmental meeting.All students also attended a departmental meeting with the department chairperson and members of the faculty and staff.  The students were acquainted with their academic program curriculum, course sequencing, and employment opportunities.

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology