Eberly Navigators and CLASS Office Complete Summer Series

Posted on 8/31/2020 1:36:45 PM

During summer 2020, the Center for Leadership and Academic Student Support Office (CLASS), directed by Terry Appolonia, within the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, conducted virtual informative meetings with new, incoming business students. With the use of Zoom technology, three virtual meetings were conducted throughout the summer.

PowerPoint presentations for each of the meetings included topics such as “An Introduction to the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology,” “Learn About Joining a Professional Student Organization (Meet the College of Business Student Advisory Council Executive Team),” and “What to Expect When You Arrive On Campus.”

The director for Student Retention and Success, Tracy VanHorn-Juart, was joined by three Eberly navigators—Taylor Friedman, Aselya Haddad, and Sheyla Paez—to conduct the virtual meetings. Here is what the Eberly navigators had to say about their summer experience:

Eberly Navigator - Aselya Haddad“Hi, my name is Aselya Haddad. I am a sophomore enrolled in marketing. With conducting these meetings, not only did the new business students gain information, they also were able to meet us and their fellow students. During these difficult times, both the Eberly navigators and the new business students were able to absorb new information before arriving to IUP. It was also good for the incoming students to have already met us during the summer meetings, so they would know a familiar face when they arrive to campus.

“I enjoyed the meetings a lot, because I was able to meet so many of the incoming business students. I am excited to work with the incoming business students this fall semester.”

Eberly Navigator - Sheyla Paez“Hi, my name is Sheyla Paez and I am a sophomore enrolled in international business. The summer post-orientation was an amazing experience. Meeting freshmen and connecting with students giving them insight on the college experience and what to expect coming to IUP was something I really enjoyed. During everything that was going on due to the pandemic, it was wonderful to see the incoming students staying connected and informed. They were engaged in conversation and asking we Eberly navigators important questions.

“It was defiantly a learning experience for both me and the incoming students because we were all learning how to navigate and use Zoom. I’m thrilled for this semester and meeting all the students in the GPS (greater performance and success) program.”

Eberly Navigator - Taylor Friedman“Hi, my name is Taylor Friedman and I am a sophomore enrolled in accounting and economics. This summer, I had the pleasure of working with New Student Orientation and the Eberly College of Business to welcome our incoming students. Though online meetings are the ‘new normal,’ all the students were engaged in conversations, asking questions about college life, and seemed very excited to start this fall semester.

“Each meeting was a joy to be a part of. I was even able to meet some of the students who attended in person when they arrived on campus. I was very happy to see that they were adjusting well to their new way of life. I cannot wait to work with these students throughout the fall semester!”

Each of the new student participants was given an opportunity to elaborate on how the Zoom meeting could have been more helpful to them. A common comment was to make the presentation more interactive. This says a lot about our incoming students…they want to be engaged! Other comments included:

  • I felt that the meeting covered a lot. The Student Success leaders were very thorough as well. I think it was all well put together and very informative.
  • I felt like all of the information provided was very helpful.
  • The meeting provided a lot of good information.
  • This meeting helped to start clearing some things up for me as far as the process of starting school.
  • I felt the meeting was very good and enjoyed seeing current students as well as staff.
  • I feel really prepared for school with all of the helpful tips and information.
  • You've done a great job preparing us for what to expect and opportunities on campus.

Overall, the Zoom meetings were positively evaluated as very helpful. As a student-centered college, we look forward to continued engagement with our students both inside and outside of the classroom this fall semester.

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology