Eberly Features Senior Finance Major Shellenbarger

Posted on 5/5/2020 10:08:26 AM

This is part of #EberlyAmazingStudents, a series from the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology that focuses on students who are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Rebecca Shellenbarger is a senior finance major from Indiana, Pennsylvania. She is a member of Eberly’s Student Managed Investment Portfolio, Phi Gamma Nu, the College of Business Student Advisory Council, and the Eberly Women’s Leadership Program.

“I chose to attend IUP because this is my hometown. My mother is a nursing professor, so I’ve been coming to IUP for activities such as the Picnic in the Grove, summer camps, and guest lectures for school since I can remember. The closeknit IUP community made my college decision easy. When I visited Eberly it had an incredibly welcoming environment and I felt like the perfect fit. There have been countless helpful resources for students, including our wonderful faculty, staff, and alumni community,” explained Rebecca.

Rebecca Shellenbarger “I have made some of my best friends though Eberly, and I have found several great mentors. I believe that my experience at Eberly has been so great because of my involvement in Eberly organizations. Outside of Eberly, I am a member of the IUP Ambassadors. Each of these organizations has helped me to grow personally and professionally while making great friendships. My college experience would not be the same without the Eberly community.”

Rebecca is a part of the Eberly Business Honors program as well as the Cook Honors College. Over the summer of 2019, she had the opportunity to work as an intern with the Washington Center in Washington, DC. In this role, Rebecca researched domestic and global financial policies, US trade negotiations, and international relations. She was also able to meet with US trade experts at national conferences, meetings, and congressional hearings.

“My internship in Citi’s Global Government Affairs Department was one of my favorite parts of my undergraduate career. Last summer was such a volatile time for international trade relations, so I was able to take on several projects that helped me to develop my personal and professional skills. It taught me a lot about myself and what I want in a future work environment,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca Shellenbarger As the student coordinator for the Eberly Women’s Leadership Program, Rebecca has planned several events to benefit Eberly students. Additionally, she has helped to expand the reach of the program across campus.

“As a student leader for the Women’s Leadership Program, I worked with some strong female leaders across campus to enhance the opportunities for our students. Additionally, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop this program so that each student is equipped with the tools they need to be successful in the workforce.”

In her free time, Rebecca currently is spending time training for a half marathon, volunteering, and cooking her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She also enjoys water sports and is an avid water skier.

One of Rebecca’s favorite sayings is “There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

“Growing up, my coaches and parents would always remind me of this sentiment, and it has stuck with me in everything I do,” said Rebecca. “I might not always be the smartest or most talented in the room, but I always try to be the hardest worker.”

After graduation, Rebecca will start at PNC’s Pittsburgh office in the Independent Risk Management Development Program.

About #EberlyAmazingStudents

The #EberlyAmazingStudents series features students who are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities. Associate Dean Cyndy Strittmatter is overseeing the project. “We are proud of our students who balance their academics with extracurricular activities and recognize the commitment that it takes to excel at all levels. We look forward to sharing their accomplishments with the IUP community and beyond!”

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