Eberly Features Sophomore Marketing Major Brianna Lambert

Posted on 3/27/2020 2:22:46 PM

This is part of #EberlysGotTalent, a series from the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology that focuses on students who are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

In this edition of #EberlysGotTalent, we feature western Pennsylvania native Brianna Lambert, who often goes by ‘Bri.’ Bri is a skateboarder from McDonald, Pennsylvania, a small town right outside of Pittsburgh. She is a transfer student who started her college career at another university.

“I realized that it wasn’t the place I needed to be and that IUP would be a better fit for me. The IUP campus is bigger and prettier, and it was easier to call IUP home.” Bri has a family legacy at IUP; her mother and uncle both earned their degrees at IUP. 

Bri has an extremely deep family connection and highly values their relationships. These deep connections have helped to mold her into the person that she is today. Bri’s uncle, an IUP alumnus, owns his own company; this has inspired her throughout her life to pursue a career in business. The business industry is filled with endless possibilities, unique experiences, and special people and Eberly is no different. “You meet some important and helpful people in the business world, and that was another reason why I chose the Eberly College of Business.”

Brianna Lambert, SkateboarderIUP and Eberly welcomed Bri with warm, open arms. She has found comfort in knowing that the professors and staff want to succeed and will do anything in their power to help. Bri has had no issues finding a strong support system to aid her in achieving her goals. “Everyone in Eberly is super nice and helpful. When my grades were at their lowest, I reached out for help, and I was accepted and helped with no hesitation.”

Brianna has always been an adventurer and risk taker. “I also think life should be lived with some risks and excitement. To go out and try something new and out of my comfort zone has always been something I try to achieve.”

Bri is an avid skateboarder who, despite skating on and off for four years, is in her first year of being a part of a skate club. “I love being a part of such a supportive, almost family-like community. Everyone is so awesome and encouraging when it comes to learning tricks, and even falling and getting back up.” Being a skater has really become ingrained into Brianna’s life and personality.

Currently, she is a part-time employee at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but plans to change that in the future. She is applying for an internship there in hopes of being hired full-time. Her passion for skating will carry on, and, through the company, she will be on a platform to spread it to others. “You might not always get it the first go, but with determination and practice you’ll get whatever grade, job, or even trick you set your mind to.”

Through her experiences as a skater and here at Eberly, Bri has learned the value of dedication and resilience and will use them to take her life wherever she wants it to go.

About #EberlysGotTalent  

The #EberlysGotTalent series features students who are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities. Associate Dean Cyndy Strittmatter is overseeing the project. “We are proud of our students who balance their academics with extracurricular activities and recognize the commitment that it takes to excel at all levels. We look forward to sharing their accomplishments with the IUP community and beyond!"

Written by Tyler Vicari