Please Do Not Park in Spaces Designated for Persons with Disabilities

Posted on 12/5/2019 10:42:06 AM

“It was only for five minutes.” —“I put my flashers on.” — “I didn’t see anyone waiting.”

No matter your reasoning, during the time that a parking space designated for persons with disabilities is occupied by someone without a disability, a person who legitimately needed the space has been disadvantaged and/or endangered. They have driven by the space in frustration or tried to use another, less accessible space. For a person with limited mobility and/or health issues, not only is it inconvenient and wrong for them to have to park in a less accessible space, but in some cases, it may even be medically dangerous for them to do so.

Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are reserved only for students, employees, and visitors who possess and display a state Persons with Disabilities parking placard/registration plate or a short-term/temporary IUP-issued Persons with Disabilities parking placard. Persons who are eligible to use parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities have had to provide their state or IUP with documentation of their need. The need is legitimate.

We need your assistance with this. If you don’t have a disability and haven’t been issued a Persons with Disabilities parking placard or registration plate, please do not park in spaces designated for persons with disabilities. And please discourage others from doing so.

(These spaces always remain reserved—only for persons with disabilities—24/7, even during breaks and other times when other on-campus parking regulations are relaxed or not enforced.)

As well, if there are issues with clearance of snow, we will forward those to IUP’s facilities group as priority/ADA concerns if you email or call 724-357-4067 to report the issues.

As we go forward into the winter break, please take the time to think of others and only park in spaces for which you are eligible. And please share this with others (friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.) who may be coming to campus to pick you up.

Thank you!

The Department for Disability Access and Advising (D2A2)