Eberly Features Junior Marketing Major Megan Woodworth

Posted on 11/18/2019 3:44:15 PM

This is part of #EberlyDoesSports, a series from the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology that focuses on business majors who play team sports, club sports, or are involved in sports at a community or individual level.

Megan Woodworth is a junior at IUP studying marketing in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology and a starter on the women’s soccer team.

Megan explained, “I am a part of the Eberly Business Honors program at IUP. This made my choice for college very clear, because I knew I would get a great experience in the Honors program. Also, with IUP having a large accredited business school, the Eberly College of Business was a perfect fit for me!”

Megan Woodworth, Junior Marketing MajorMegan is from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, a town about 10 minutes outside of Harrisburg, and she attended Red Land High School. She discovered IUP by looking into different PSAC state schools for soccer. She also knew a couple other athletes from her high school that went to IUP. This helped her make the decision to attend IUP.

“My experience here has been outstanding! The Honors program has allowed me to travel to Pittsburgh for networking, as well as attending IUP Business Day, where I made new connections. The professors also have helped me decide what major was right for me and learn all the different paths that marketing can take me.”

Megan has had an impressive career thus far playing soccer for IUP. She is in her third year of playing for the IUP women’s soccer team.  She is a starter for the second year in a row, as well as one of the junior captains this year. Megan started in all 18 games on defense her sophomore year and helped complete four shutouts for the team last season.

One of Megan’s favorite sayings is “What comes easy won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easy.”

“This quote shows up in my life often both in schoolwork and on the soccer field. That if you want something to last it will take time and effort to do so. I think many people can learn from this quote.

Megan Woodworth, IUP Soccer Team“Eberly has prepared me for the future because it taught me that I need to work hard to achieve my goals. I learned that nothing is going to be handed to me, that I must put forth effort to see the results. Sports have prepared me in the same way. You must fail in order to succeed. The path to helping your team may not always be about you; you might have to wait or “fail” to have success in the end. I did not play soccer my freshmen year, but I came back stronger and faster and was able to earn a starting spot my sophomore year,” Woodworth explained.

About #EberlyDoesSports

The #EberlyDoesSports series focuses on business majors who play team sports, club sports, or are involved in sports at a community or individual level.

Associate Dean Cyndy Strittmatter is overseeing the project. “We are proud of our students who balance their academics with extracurricular activities and recognize the commitment that it takes to excel at all levels. We look forward to sharing their accomplishments with the IUP community and beyond! While this series focuses on athletes, there will be other special series that recognize the broad range of interests and activities of our business students,” said Strittmatter.