International Business Association Participates in International Conference

Posted on 11/11/2019 10:51:19 AM

The International Business Association, one of the 13 student-run organizations in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, participated in a professional development trip on October 25 to attend the annual American Society for Competitiveness Conference in Washington, DC. 

IBA at ASC Conference October 25, 2019The students participated in Eberly’s International Conference at the Westin Hotel in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, in the Washington, DC. Metro area. All members and officers attended the session “Critical Rethinking of Competitiveness in the Era of Ideologies.” In this session, the panel of professors from several universities explored questions asked by different generations with regards to how certain ideologies should be taken place in the business world. The panelists concluded by giving the audience a chance to ask any questions or suggestions they may have.

IBA participated in a luncheon and keynote address on Global Trade, held by Grover Norquist, an American political activist and tax reduction advocate. During the lunch, all IBA members had the opportunity to network with various business professionals sitting at each of their respective tables, including the board of directors at IUP.

IBA Members and Officers attending ASC Conference Session October 25, 2019The students also attended the session “Workforce and Competitiveness Involvement” as another speaker presented their case. During this session, professors talked about certain issues that women face in the workplace. Panelist Haroon Chaudhry from Southern Connecticut State University specifically spoke about the gender gap in tech companies. His presentation showed the statistics behind his research, and he asked the audience about the reasons why there are not as many women working in technology companies. Towards the end of this presentation, a few of our members engaged in an intellectual conversation about what can be done from a young age to solve these types of issues.

Once the conference concluded, students had the opportunity to go to the National Mall, where everyone had a chance to walk around and take pictures with the famous Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the White House, etc. All members then split into groups to tour museums such as the Holocaust, the Air and Space, and the African American History museums. 

Overall, the trip helped everyone came closer together as a group and gave them the chance to take away valuable business world knowledge from this experience. Destiny Lucas, a current freshman international business major, said with enthusiasm, “I enjoyed talking to professors from different universities during the luncheon. I can’t wait to go back to DC with IBA again!”

Hyungoung Lee, an exchange student at IUP from Korea, said, “The conference was really interesting, I really enjoyed listening in on the session about women in the technology field.”

IBA President Aylinee Villagomez said, “This was my third annual trip with IBA to Washington, DC, and I could not have asked for a more enriching experience. This year, I was able to connect with more professors from different universities, which I enjoyed. Secondly, I was very satisfied with how IBA always manages to increase cross-cultural awareness and bring diverse groups of people together to share an educational experience.”