Nealen Educates Elementary Students on Skeleton Anatomy for Halloween

Posted on 11/8/2019 9:25:00 AM

Instead of just having skeletons as costumes or decorations, for Halloween this year some local grade school students were able to learn the major parts of our skeleton and how is it assembled.

Students assembling a skeletonTaking advantage of skeletons as part of our Halloween culture, Paul Nealen (Biology) helped local sixth- to eighth-grade students learn more about the human skeletal system.

Using disarticulated skeletal models borrowed from the anatomy teaching laboratory in the Department of Biology, Nealen demonstrated the major pieces of the human skeletal system, and helped the students to consider how they are shaped and function. 

Students then tried their hands at some skeleton trivia, tested their knowledge at identifying and naming the major bones of the human skeleton, and engaged in a skeleton assembly contest. Because it was Halloween, students were given the chance to examine some delightfully spooky actual human bones as well. 

Informational handouts about skeletons and bones