Warnock Publishes on Recent Geologic History of Baltic Sea

Posted on 10/31/2019 12:42:56 PM

The Baltic Sea is an important economic resource for the Baltic states; however, pollution and climate change have negative impacts on the Baltic as an economic and recreational resource. Jonathan Warnock and an international team of colleagues studied changes to the Baltic over the last 8,000 years in order to understand both natural and anthropogenic change.

Map of the Baltic SeaThe study provides a roughly 30-year resolution, allowing for detailed evaluation of environmental change. The study examines the transition of the Baltic from a fresh to brackish state, the medieval climate anomaly, the “little ice age,” the advance of agriculture across the Scandinavian peninsula, and industrialization.

Full citation:  Warnock, J., Andrén, E., Juggins, S., Lewis, J., Ryves, D. B., Andrén, T. & Weckström, K. 2019: A high‐resolution diatom‐based Middle and Late Holocene environmental history of the Little Belt region, Baltic Sea. Boreas.

Department of Geoscience