Take an Exciting Winter Course: CHEM 105 Forensic Chemistry of CSI

Posted on 10/21/2019 9:17:53 AM

The Liberal Studies course CHEM 105: Forensic Chemistry of C.S.I. is now being offered online during Winter Session, allowing more access to this popular course.

CHEM 105 counts toward the Liberal Studies Option II as a nonlaboratory course.

Course Description

For students who would like to learn about forensic chemistry and the basic science needed to understand it. Chemical concepts on the level of an introductory chemistry course and their applications to forensic science will be explored in detail. Topics will include the forensic analysis of drugs, fibers, glass, arson, questioned documents, and other types of physical evidence. Other topics will include how forensic science is portrayed in novels, movies, and TV and the methods used in forensic evidence collection at a crime scene.

Madia Department of Chemistry