Teach Youth to Prepare for Disasters During Week 3 of September’s National Preparedness Month

Posted on 9/18/2019 2:32:41 PM

When an emergency happens, will your child know what to do? Will they know where to go?

Picture of kids: are they ready for an emergency?

Too often, disaster preparedness lessons are limited to school fire drills, active shooting or simply avoided all together due to the sensitive nature of the topic. However, learning about disasters and how to respond helps children gain a sense of understanding and control so they are equipped to respond more quickly and safely in a crisis. With the proper education your child can feel more secure, confident, and helpful in the event of an emergency.

Important considerations for education and preparing your child for emergencies:

  • Be Realistic: Provide realistic information about disasters and coping mechanisms.  Further, providing your child with opportunities to become familiar with police officers and emergency personnel can minimize fear or uncertainty.
  • Be Youth-Focused: Discuss and activities should use age-appropriate instructions.
  • Engage Families: Promote interaction between the child and their family to discuss plans, resource kits, reunification locations, etc.  

For more information on ways you can prepare you child before an emergency occurs visit ready.gov. This site has some fun tips and games for the whole family.

This message is brought to you by the IUP Emergency Management Office.