Williamson Publishes on Holocaust Poetry

Posted on 9/14/2019 8:59:48 AM

Michael T. Williamson (English Department) published an essay, “Holocaust Poetry and Literary History: Abraham Sutzkever’s Prophetic Mode of Witnessing,” in the journal CEA Critic 2019, Vol.81(2), pp.164–179.

This essay explores how poetry about the Holocaust written in Yiddish can be devoted to continuity within devastating rupture. The survival of Abraham Sutzkever’s serves as both evidence of the prophetic power of witnessing and as a ghostly marker of our estrangement and alienation from pre-Holocaust Jewish life.

This essay is the first of a series of essays about Sutzkever, one of which will consider illustrated editions of Sutzkever’s work by the book maker Ed Colker. These editions are housed in the IUP Special Collections and University Archives.