IUP to Conduct Emergency Notification System Test on Friday, September 13

Posted on 9/9/2019 4:28:34 PM

On Friday, September 13, IUP will conduct a scheduled test of its Emergency Notification System. That test will include several touchpoints:

  • An email to all students, faculty, and staff
  • Voice call to IUP office telephones
  • Updates on the university website
  • Broadcasting information on the campus-wide, outdoor mass notification alert system
  • A text-message alert, sent only to registered recipients of the SMS emergency messaging system
  • Voice call to registered recipients of the SMS emergency messaging system
  • Desktop notifications, sent only to selected test computers, which includes instructor stations and digital signage across campus. The alert will fill the screen, and, once “acknowledge” is clicked, the alert will be closed.
The messaging system is used for:
  • Class or event cancellations
  • Actual or impending emergencies
  • Timely warnings related to crime events
  • Expected or appropriate response to the alerts or warnings
  • Follow-up information and directions to receive assistance, as needed

Update Your Emergency Contact Information

IUP has moved to a new system to deliver emergency text messages, and all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to verify their contact information before the test on Friday. Updates can be made by visiting your Personal Info page in MyIUP.  To complete the process, persons should follow the Emergency notification system registration and updates link in the “Personal Information” box.

The new system does not allow for adding an additional person’s contact information to a profile. Parents, family members, and community members who wish to receive emergency messages should sign up for emergency messages by  texting “iupalert” to 888777.

In the case of an actual emergency or need for notification, the university will use all, or some, of the modes of communication being tested on Friday.

In most circumstances, the IUP main website will have the most complete, updated, and detailed information available. Please visit the IUP.edu home page for current information following alerts of any nature. Depending on the nature of the emergency or situation, the entire IUP homepage may be replaced with emergency messaging and instructions.