Cui Publishes Article on Rhetorical Listening Pedagogy

Posted on 9/5/2019 12:19:58 PM

Wenqi Cui (PhD candidate, English Composition and Applied Linguistics) published “Rhetorical Listening Pedagogy: Promoting Communication Across Cultural and Societal Groups with Video Narrative” in Computers and Composition: An International Journal.


The article explores the means of applying Krista Ratcliffe’s theory of rhetorical listening into composing and interpreting multimodal texts to facilitate and promote communication across genders, cultures, and classes; especially between privileged classes and marginalized groups.

New technologies and media channels have especially changed the ways we communicate and the ways we approach composition classrooms. Digital technologies and multiple modes provide rich rhetorical possibilities for making meanings and articulating our voices effectively. However, these voices cannot be heard if audiences/listeners do not devote effort to rhetorically listen. This article elaborates on the theory of rhetorical listening and its strategies—raising awareness of identification, clarifying potential disidentification, and constructing non-identification that can be applied in listening to multimodal texts for cross-cultural communication. Finally, this article also suggests using rhetorical listening pedagogy in composition classrooms; and illustrates how the theory of rhetorical listening can be applied in multimodal composition teaching to enrich students’ multimodal experiences as well as help them promote cross-cultural communications.

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