New Light Pole Banners Going Up on Campus

Posted on 8/14/2019 8:04:55 PM

Designs for banners. One sequence reads ‘Word hard. Have fun. Help each other.’ The other reads ‘Explore. Create. Discover.’The situation

Getting out IUP’s brand story takes more than advertising. We need everyone on campus to get excited by the updated brand and become brand ambassadors. It’s a time to celebrate IUP and we want everyone to join in.

The solution

Create a brand experience on campus by placing banners with brand imagery and messaging through highly trafficked areas of campus. The new banners use the same hardware as previous banners but show our new brand messaging.

Because our new brand doesn’t have a tagline, we showcase a variety of brand-related phrases, many of them adapted to specific areas on campus. Over time, new messages will be added and older ones phased out.