MarCom Project: Undergraduate Admissions Viewbook

Posted on 8/14/2019 8:04:28 PM

Viewbook Cover 2019The situation

Those of us who work and study at IUP know that this is a community where students were both supported and pushed to dig deeper and reach further in their studies. A campus that’s lively but also academically rigorous. Where perspectives are broadened, and lives are transformed.

Our previous viewbook, often a student’s first contact with IUP, didn’t tell this IUP story clearly enough. We had the facts, but not the context; how to apply, but not why to apply.

The solution

We and our agency partner started with the content for the new viewbook. The book is typically distributed at college fairs, where IUP is present alongside many other schools. What do those prospective students want to know about IUP? How can we stand out?

We decided that we needed to start with an emotional appeal—something that communicates who we are and what it’s like to attend IUP. So the book starts with a statement of identity and purpose: Our town is Indiana. Our state is Pennsylvania. Our span is the entire world. It locates us geographically—always tricky for those new to IUP—while showing that we aren’t limited by our geography.

Unfold the cover, and a photo spread is revealed. It functions as an overture, showing what life at IUP is like and previewing themes the rest of the book returns to.

The next three spreads dig deep into three academic programs/areas, using these specific areas to give an overall sense of how education is done at IUP. They are followed by a full list of our 140+ majors. This fold-out spread is in the center of book where it’s easy to find and easy to read.

The second half of the book focuses on a variety of other areas important to students: learning outside the classroom, student life, and financial aid. The final spread is a call to action, inviting students to come visit us in person.

The design of the book uses our new brand standards to craft a reading experience that’s different from our previous viewbooks and what other schools are doing. Higher quality, embossed paper provides a tactile experience that enhances our message.

Nearly all photography in book was shot specifically for this book, avoiding the “stock photo” feeling that’s so common for viewbooks.

Finally, the voice and tone of the content is completely revamped, using our voice and tone guidelines. While we’re still very much giving students the facts about IUP, we’re doing so in a way that’s lively and appealing.

The 2019-20 Undergraduate Admissions Viewbook is currently being printed. Contact us if you’re interested in seeing it in person.