Teaching Online Certificate Course Updates

Posted on 7/18/2019 2:23:51 PM

The Teaching Online Certificate Course has been updated. Sessions dates will be announced when they are available. 

The TOCC will now be offered five to six times during the year instead of just three. The TOCC will now be three weeks in duration. Benefits for attendees include:

  • Proceed at your own pace
  • Addition of Knowledge Checks for self-assessment
  • Modules released when Meets Expectation for Previous Modules is achieved

This online course provides instructors with a student’s perspective, guidance on designing an online course, and instructions for using the various D2L tools. The Teaching Online Certificate Course, which is Quality Matters certified, provides a foundation in:

  • Creating an effective online course
  • Designing and developing an online course (including design, learning outcomes, instructional strategies)
  • Building community and fostering communication/collaboration
  • Assessment tools in D2L Brightspace and alternative assessment methods (including feedback and rubrics)
  • Managing and accessing the online course