Student Bhardwaj Studying Tomato Mosaic Virus on Tobacco Plants

Posted on 7/3/2019 1:22:00 PM

Shreya Bhardwaj in the Bharathan LabUniversity of California student Shreya Bhardwaj is at IUP for the summer to study with Professor Bharathan in his lab. She will be a sophomore in college this coming semester, and she is studying microbiology at UCLA. 

In Bharathan’s lab at IUP, Shreya is studying the tomato mosaic virus in tobacco plants. She has been watering the tobacco plants as well as inoculating the dead leaves which are then frozen. After they are frozen, they are mashed up and the RNA and DNA are extracted from them. With the RNA and DNA extracted, she and Bharathan look at the differences between them with older leaves that have been kept from previous experiments. They are hoping to find out what the tomato mosaic virus does to the plants.

According to Shreya, the tomato mosaic virus affects many different types of plants. In nature the virus can come from rivers in Eastern Europe, but in the lab they put it into the soil to see which plants would be affected by it.

Shreya says she enjoys working in Professor Bharathan’s lab and hopes to continue her research at UCLA during the school semesters.

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