Hovan Presents on Legacy Gas Well Project at Conference Highlighting Response and Responsibility: Special Collections and Climate Change

Posted on 7/2/2019 11:43:53 AM

Geoscience faculty member Steve Hovan and co-authors Robert Wilson and Zachary Hollingshad (IMAPS) presented on their WELLMapper project and their attempt to identify and measure environmental impacts from legacy oil and gas wells using data gathered from historical archives in the R&P Collection of maps and artifacts.

Hovan later served on a panel discussion titled “Geosciences Reinterprets Special Collections Related to Coal Mining, Natural Gas, and Oil Wells.” The panel included Harrison Wick, IUP’s Special Collections librarian and university archivist, and two special collections librarians from Ohio University, Miriam Intrator and Stacey Lavender. The panel discussion was moderated by Beth Turcy Kilmarx, IUP’s assistant dean of Libraries.

The archives and special collections library communities—as part of the global community—face prospective major shifts in energy systems, economic models, and literal landscapes. This conference invited attendees and the broader archives and special collections communities to a candid and forward-looking conversation about our work in the era of climate change. Sessions were designed to connect these issues across our proven professional capacities for committed cultivation of inclusivity, technical excellence, strong collaboration, cultural and historical scholarship, educational expertise, and resource stewardship. 

Department of Geoscience