Hibsman Publishes Article on Ancient Communications and Modern Strategies

Posted on 5/20/2019 8:36:19 AM

Professor Tim Hibsman of the English Department published his article titled, “Ancient Communication, Modern Strategies, Applying Biblical Modes of Discourse to Contemporary Christian Writing” in Today’s Christian Living with a writer’s resource link to Today’s Pastor.


Basic writing strategies are the major focus in most English writing courses. Every one of these strategies were used effectively in the Bible to teach valuable lessons. Everyone learns and comprehends in different ways. Rhetorical methods and conventions have proven to be effective in teaching and persuading people. There are different ways to present ideas and teach people—and the authors of the Biblical scriptures understood these strategies thousands of years ago.

Basic English courses understand the value of these writing strategies, but the Bible implemented them long before the modern textbook broke down the concepts. Not everyone learns and understands the same way. Using different writing strategies helps the reader to understand, remember and implement the concepts being taught. Using these rhetorical strategies also seeks to maximize understanding, realizing that some strategies will resonate better with some individuals. The goal is to communicate one’s point, and the Bible writers effectively used a variety of strategies to that end.

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