Hibsman Presents on Simulation Learning at Pedagogicon

Posted on 5/20/2019 8:16:15 AM

Professor Tim Hibsman of the English Department presented, “Simulation Learning through Practical Pretending, Role-Playing, and Real-Life Apps” at the Eastern Kentucky University 2019 Pedagogicon Conference on May 17, 2019.


Open the door for simulation learning--and provide an expanded perspective on student future hopes and career aspirations. One of the best ways to teach students is to transform the classroom into a real-life environment. The teacher may have to change roles and become an employer or customer to help the student visualize a practical scenario where they can implement their classroom skills.

Multiple writing-based assignments will be shared, giving students the opportunity to pick a career associated with their major and immediately experience that environment through computer simulations. Every job implements these skills in a practical, real-life manner. Over a dozen free Apple Applications will be demonstrated to help students understand how academic skills are used beyond the classroom. These process-oriented, computer applications will help student to focus their knowledge, goals, and skills on a desired outcome. This presentation will show teachers some possible exercises and innovative learning through educational simulations.

Department of English